Emergent Curriculum

Emergent Curriculum

The main thought behind Emergent Curriculum (as well as other early childhood approaches) is that children learn not necessarily by what they are taught, but “learn as a result of their own doing.”

Emergent Curriculum is a teaching philosophy that focuses on the development of lesson plans based on the emerging interests of children. Its principles are quite similar to those in the Reggio Emilia approach to childhood education. Preschools using Emergent Curriculum need to get to know each individual child, their likes and dislikes, their strengths and their needs. Teachers observe and interact with their students while they freely play and use the open preschool classroom. Educators then create a flexible curriculum that will help individual children progress in their learning.

Some of the benefits an Emergent Curriculum has on toddler & preschool age children are:

~ Emergent Curriculum revolves exclusively around the child

~ Emergent Curriculum is flexible

~ Emergent Curriculum offers an open and welcoming classroom

~ Emergent Curriculum is collaborative



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